100% of our customers recommend our computing curriculum – here’s why

Jam Coding’s Bespoke Curriculum is meticulously crafted to address the concerns highlighted by Ofsted in their 2022 review into computing.

It serves as a valuable CPD tool for teachers and ensures that every pupil embarks on a personalised learning journey based on their prior skills and knowledge.

But how can you know for sure that the Bespoke Curriculum will meet your schools’ requirements? Let’s delve a little deeper into its features and explore the five different reasons we know it will be a success:

Our Tailored Approach

The Bespoke Curriculum was given that name because it is truly tailored to each and every pupil.

Through our innovative ‘Curriculum Creator’ teachers can input details about their pupils’ prior knowledge. Our system then recommends the next topic to teach, ensuring a personalised learning journey. The result? Higher levels of engagement across the board.

Every lesson is adaptable, with an option for pupils to choose between three worksheets with varying levels of difficulty. This allows pupils to select the one that aligns with their confidence levels following the lesson demonstration, fostering a “can do” mindset and guaranteeing that all pupils achieve the learning objective.

Certified CPD as and when required

Our system serves as a comprehensive CPD tool for teachers. It empowers them to log in, undergo training courses, and earn certification to proficiently deliver each unit of work.

If a teacher needs further assurance after completing the training, specialised training videos are available that can be integrated into classroom teaching and paused conveniently for questions or discussions.

Our goal is to give teachers the confidence to deliver computing to a high standard, which will in turn foster high levels of pupil engagement throughout the learning process.


We have a clear commitment to inclusivity at Jam Coding and this is evident in the way the Bespoke Curriculum has been crafted.

We use symbols to help pupils with task transitions, while our lesson checklists aid in processing, task transition and focus. All our resources are set on a pale blue background and use the Comic Sans font, specifically chosen to support the learning needs of pupils with autism, dyslexia and ADHD.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity, we are actively pursuing accreditation with the National Autistic Society, demonstrating our dedication to creating an inclusive learning environment for all.

Our Impact

Every school that implements the Bespoke Curriculum gives it resounding approval, with a 100% recommendation rate. Why? Because it ticks all the boxes. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our customers have to say:

“We use Jam Coding in our school and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They provide outstanding teaching and a curriculum that is not only tailored to meet the needs of our school but also provides the highest quality computing provision; enabling our children to thrive in an ever-increasing technological world.”  D Dewhurst – Head Teacher

“The Jam Coding curriculum is fantastic. I can’t speak so highly of it. It covers all of our curriculum bases, it covers the national curriculum and more. It’s engaging, innovative and easy to use. The children are confident, enthusiastic and they look forward to their computing lessons. The lessons are exciting but allow the children to grasp the skills which are then transferred into other lessons to support the curriculum. There’s a buzz about the classroom when the Jam Coding curriculum is being taught.”  Mr Pearson – Deputy Head Teacher

“The Jam Coding curriculum has been incredible. We are now in our second year of running it across the school and the children are really excited about their computing lessons. It has really contributed towards the development of their skills and knowledge. Teachers are much more articulate in using computing language and more familiar with the strategies and elements that are being taught now through the new curriculum.”  Mrs Abram – Head Teacher

“As the class teacher I know from the way the children talk to me that their skills and knowledge are progressing. They can tell me exactly what they’ve been doing and they can explain how to do it. Throughout the school we have a large proportion of children with ASD and they have access to the full curriculum using Jam Coding. They’re proud of what they can achieve, they talk about their skills and knowledge and the hack sheets really support them to take part in the lesson with full enjoyment.”

Our Awards

Since the launch of the Bespoke Curriculum it has garnered two prestigious awards. At the Learning Awards, it took home gold for Innovation in Learning – an incredible achievement considering the competition from some major international businesses including Dishoom and Lloyds Banking Group!

The following month, we were thrilled to win a Red Rose Award in the Commitment to Skills category. This recognition honours the work we do in upskilling teachers, pupils and our own staff in the deliver of computing education across the UK.

Naturally, the most effective way to determine if the Bespoke Curriculum aligns with your schools’ needs is to experience it first hand. Our 14 day trial is tailored for Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children, offering:

  • A comprehensive overview of the Bespoke Curriculum
  • A sample teacher training video
  • The first lesson in our Arcade Gaming unit of work
  • A selection of inclusive resources, including scaffolded worksheets and assessments

Upon requesting a free trial, we’ll reach out for an initial discussion to address any questions you may have.