6 highlights from #BettUK24

BETT UK is the largest education technology exhibition in the world. As Jam Coding approaches 10 years in business, we wanted to celebrate by exhibiting at the show.

Needless to say, it was an incredible experience and we are still riding high from the success of the show. Here are 6 highlights from Jam Coding at #BettUK24:

Getting Ready

Our week at Bett started on Monday when we headed to the Excel Centre to set up our stand.

As a hands-on team, we wanted to do it all in-house. There were no contractors on site waiting for us. Just a few pairs of hands, our equipment, artwork, and a toolbox.

Active participation has always been a focal point in our Bespoke Curriculum; we believe that whatever your age, direct involvement achieves the best results.

Collaboration is also one of our core values and seeing our collective hard work on full display really set us up for the busy week ahead.

The Associated Press

On the first day of the show, we had a surprise visit from The Associated Press who asked our MD Roger to weigh in on a trending topic.

The interview included discussions around how Jam Coding is helping young people prepare for the digital opportunity and what role AI will play within education.

Following the show, we were delighted to discover that clips from the interview were featured on ITV News with a further 3 media outlets covering the story, including Euronews, Yahoo News and Bollyinside.

Not a bad effort, if we say so ourselves! You can watch the ITV News clip here:


Our Equipment

On multiple occasions, we were forced to evacuate our stand to make way for the hordes of young people who wanted to play with our equipment.

Our micro:bit powered guitars, remote-controlled robots and coding pets went down a storm, which was especially incredible to see because they were taken directly from lessons in our Bespoke Curriculum.

That’s what our Bespoke Curriculum is all about. It’s a library of trialled and proven lessons that teachers can deliver in their own classrooms, with unlimited support to help them along the way.

Kids Judge Bett

In another surprise visit, a Bett representative revealed that Jam Coding had been nominated for a very special award.

Out of approximately 200 exhibitors we made the final 8 in #KidsJudgeBett, thanks to a panel of young people who were tasked with choosing the ‘most fun’ stand at the show. A real surprise as we didn’t even know this award existed!

Whilst we didn’t win, the nomination cemented what we already know. Combining education with entertainment is the best way to give young people unforgettable experiences in the classroom and teach them the importance of technology.

Overseas Opportunities

It was interesting to discover that the digital divide is not just a problem in the UK. Computing Education is high on the government agenda across the rest of Europe, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We were delighted to meet with delegates from different countries who were interested in collaborating and taking our Bespoke Curriculum overseas.

To add interest to the country-level appreciation for our workshops we also had a large number of teachers, head teachers and curriculum leads from schools across the world who all thought that the Jam Coding Bespoke Curriculum would benefit their schools… Watch this space.

Our Visitors

Of course, one of the greatest highlights was meeting and engaging in discussions with educators from around the world.

There was huge demand for our Bespoke Curriculum and we are now busy rolling out free trials to those who requested them.

It was rewarding to hear how many people from the industry were interested in hearing what we do and how we are making a difference.

We would like to say a huge thank you to every single person who visited our stand at the show.

If you managed to visit us and would like any further information, or perhaps you didn’t get through all the stands to make it to ours, please get in touch. We would love to hear from anyone who wants to help us #TeachTheFuture.

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