Jam Academy. Laptop, tuition and virtual code coach all in one.

Jam Academy. Laptop, tuition and virtual code coach all in one.

We hope all our coders, parents and teachers are safe and well. As a business, we have been hit hard by the necessity for schools to close. To put it simply we have lost access to 100% of our customers.

We truly believe that something good can and will come out of every situation. No matter how difficult. Exceptional times cause exceptional problems which need exceptional solutions.


We always planned to offer a distance-learning option. We knew there were so many children that weren’t accessing our courses that we felt it was something we needed to introduce.

The feedback from our first students has been incredible. I think we have struck the right balance of fun, education and creative tasks to keep children engaged and happy. The Academy offer is simple:

  1. Parents and guardians sign up to the academy either as a weekly subscription or 7 week block.
  2. They then receive a laptop and some simple instructions to get logged on.
  3. The laptop is pre-loaded with educational software for their children to learn digital literacy, coding and computing as well as cross-curricular subjects such as maths, english PE and so on…
  4. The virtual classroom will contain tasks, challenges and lessons for children to complete then submit work back to the group.
  5. Ongoing support and assistance is provided by Jam Coding.
  6. We will be setting these workshops with detailed explanatory videos and notes for children to use.
  7. New content will be posted and added to the library on a regular basis to ensure children have plenty of new lessons and challenges.

The workshops are cross-curricular and allow children to continue their education whilst schools are closed at a time convenient to them. This will supplement and enrich any lessons that are also being sent from school. The sessions will be fun, engaging and challenging and are for Years 1 – 6. 

All materials are written by qualified teaching professionals from Jam Coding and the teaching community.

The Jam Academy will open on the 30th March 2020 and people can join at any time that suits them.Book Now


If you want to access the Jam Academy please order through our website here:

Please note:

  • All laptops will be dropped off directly to your house and left in a secure place.
  • All technology has been fully anti-bacterially cleansed.
  • Staff dropping off laptops will use anti-bacterial precautions as required.
  • We ask that equipment is re-cleansed before being returned.
  • After your hire period you can arrange to carry on with your hire and tuition package or return your laptop.
  • We will htne pick your laptop back up.
  • There is a £50 refundable deposit for the laptop.*

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*Terms and conditions apply. By purchasing a Jam Academy hire scheme you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Featured News from the Bett Show 2020

News from the Bett Show 2020

Earlier this year Code Coaches Roger and Becky took a trip down to London where the annual Bett show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show) is held. Over three days there were more than 800 leading EdTech providers, 150 CPD content sessions, coordinated business meetings and exclusive networking opportunities. 

Bett is a global hub where technologies, practices, ideas and people come together to find inspiration, discuss the future of education, and discover how technology and innovation enable educators and learners to thrive.”

– Bett, 2020

For Jam Coding Bett is a great opportunity to explore the inspiring creativity and innovation that can be found throughout technology for education and discover new workshops. We in-particular were interested in looking into Virtual Reality (VR) technology and robotics with some excellent ideas coming from RedboxVR, who also happen to win a Bett Award for VR Content. Since the show, we have been busy following up the extent at which we can integrate immersive technologies into our workshops. Watch this space….

At the show, Roger and Becky also spoke with the Head of Minecraft Education to discuss how we could improve connectivity for private providers in schools, to access the Education version of the app and help us to engage and increase learning opportunities in the schools we are working in. It was great to speak to someone who was so in touch with issues at ground-level and we are excited to see developments coming from Minecraft in the near future.

The potential for new additions to our Robotics workshop for our KS1 learners was discovered with new RVR robotics kit by Sphero. Another great find was the mTiny early childhood education robot for early learners. We are looking at incorporating these into our Curriculum and Extra-curricular sessions in order to progress learners through the curriculum. We know robotics is going to be a big employment opportunity for young people in the future and want to make sure we are offering these workshops to get children interested today.

There was also the opportunity to listen to guest speakers. Roger and Becky found Simon Hunt, a local Primary School teacher, to be particularly interesting. Simon delivered a superb workshop all around ‘Cheap Seats” in the classroom and how tech can bridge the gap for some learners who potentially miss out because of their position in the classroom. 

On the whole, there were lots of exhibitors favouring Robot and VR technology and we look forward to seeing developments in these areas for Extra and Curricular subjects. 

We are always working on new workshops, sessions and developing our current workshops to stretch learners and improve our offerings. The earlier we can introduce kids to the tech of the future and transform education the better. If you have any ideas for workshops why not get in touch. 

Jam Coding on the Radio! Our history and addressing the Digital Divide

On 14th January Coach Roger popped into to see the awesome Ribble FM team to tell his story, talk about Jam Coding and discuss the future of the business. Click here to listen to the full broadcast: Jam Coding – Our history and addressing the Digital Divide