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We’re called Jam Coding, but we actually teach all things digital. That’s important because whilst a lot of young people love coding others prefer the creative side of digital skills. We cater for all young people.

“We’re called Code Coaches because we teach skills, these sills should be practiced and developed in the same way you would practice a sport, the exciting thing is that these skills will definitely lead to huge opportunities. There is a very significant chance your child will become a professional coder, designer, digital engineer or architect. So why not start learning these skills now?” Jenny Talbot, Learning and Development Manager

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Our workshops encourage children to use their imagination and come up with new ideas, possibilities and solutions

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To make our learners feel valued, we encourage them to voice their ideas and listen to the opinions of others.

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Working as part of a team, our learners can share ideas and learn from one another.

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We help children grow their confidence, giving them the skills they need to take on new tasks with ease.

The Four Cs

When we talk about life skills we of course teach the tech side of things but also get the young people attending our workshops to think about our four core elements: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration & Confidence.

Creativity and problem solving is a key part to doing well within the digital arena. Inventing new tech, finding smarter or more efficient ways to do things all represent great opportunities.

We also find this works best when given the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts. Collaboration in the digital sphere is huge, the best computer games are made by people from all around the world sharing the same objective and working together to deliver it! That’s why all our coders work in teams. By working in teams, they can learn from one another in a fun, effective way and produce better outcomes.

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Birthday Parties

Does your child love computers and coding? Why not book them a Birthday Party with us. Options include Minecraft, Stop Motion, Special FX, Build a computer and many more….

My son absolutely loved his Jam Coding courses. He would come home and tell me all about what he had learned and how much fun he had. I had never seen him so excited to do an out of school club. This was the first one he was genuinely excited about. He keeps telling me he wants to be a coder when he grows up!

L.Pinkington, Parent

Fantastic after school experience for my over imaginative 7 year old. Can’t wait for the end of the week to come round to go to Jam Coding. It has really tapped into his imagination whilst totally bamboozling mummy in the process. He’ll be sad when it ends. 5*

V. Hudson, Parent

I wanted to say a big thank you to Jam Coding, especially Becky and Hannah for a brilliant Gamebuilding after school club. Both were super helpful, easy to communicate with and offered an inclusive group for my autistic 6 year old and it was really appreciated! Hannah was so friendly and welcoming and was fab with my son and all the kids. My son raelly enjoyed it and said to me, “this is really lovely.” Keep up the good work!

Anonymous, Parent

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