The RIDICULOUS UK digital skills shortage!

Let’s be clear here; the demand for AI, programming and computing skills is soaring. Yet, the number of young people taking IT subjects at GCSE level has declined by a whopping 40% since 2015 in the UK. Think about that for a minute…. We have a skills SHORTAGE now. Yet in the future we are […]

5 reasons why girls should get into coding

According to a global software developer survey done in 2020, a whopping 91.5% of developers are male. There’s a general myth that women and girls aren’t all that interested in technical subjects, which isn’t strictly true. Despite the gender imbalance in the world of tech, more and more young girls are becoming interested in learning […]

What is coding? Our definition

If you type ‘what is coding?’ into Google, you’ll find thousands of options. We know because we’ve tried it. It’s funny that with so many options, the answer is pretty much the same. Coding is the process or activity of writing computer programs… Jam Coding has been delivering computing workshops to children for over 7 […]

Programming is like poetry – A Valentine’s Day poem by Jam Coding

Programming is like poetry; A sequence of code, That creates an ode, To a world of endless possibilities. Like poetry, it takes practice, To master the tactics, Of algorithms and coding with love. It can be difficult to grasp, With intricacies so vast, Like abstraction, selection and bugs. But once you do, Your worries will […]

7 tips for parents on Safer Internet Day

Gone are the days when children used the internet for one reason and one reason only: MSN. There was nothing better than logging in after a long day at school and chatting the night away to the same pals you’d spent the entire day with…  Except researching your display name, of course, which had to […]

Jam Coding: The story behind the name

If you’ve ever a chosen a name, you’ll understand just how hard it is to settle on the right one. That was the case for Roger, our director, when he named his camper van Viv. It was also the case when he put the name of his sourdough starter in the hands of his Instagram […]

Surfing the Flow of 2021

So 2020. That was a strange one! Jam Coding entered the new year with the same goals as the last. To reach as many children as possible and deliver vital life skills to the next generation of digital citizens.  We have adapted and extended our services to meet an ever-growing market and need. Our virtual […]

Our achievements in 2020 and plans for the future

Another year has come to a close and, despite the challenges, Jam Coding is delighted to be ending it on a high. This year has proven that with every challenge comes the opportunity to innovate and grow.  In March, the closure of schools and other lockdown restrictions inspired us to launch Jam Academy, a virtual […]

Jam Coding become finalists in the QFA’s Virtual Franchising Awards

Jam Coding is delighted to be a finalist in the QFA’s Virtual Franchising Awards. Sponsored by Barclays, the awards celebrate innovation, achievement and excellence within the franchising sector. Founded in 2014 by teacher and digital professional Roger Grogan, Jam Coding delivers computing and coding programmes that help children and young people engage in the computing […]

Why every child should get a Rubik’s cube this Christmas

Why every child should get a Rubik’s cube this Christmas. The Rubik’s cube is always our first suggestion when parents ask what toys or games will help their children digitally. Invented in the mid-70’s by Hungarian architect Erno Rubik, the colourful cube is one of the most popular toys of all time. Over the last […]